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Support & Maintenance

The backbone of any modern enterprise is its information system. A failure of any small part of that system can create internal problems, but the total collapse of your system may lead to financial loss or possible discontent on the part of your customers. You simply cannot afford lengthy downtime of critical applications nor of the servers or workstations that run these applications. Amir Design Groups technical support services prolong or extend our standard guarantee. This support provides high quality service at different levels, depending on your requirements and resources. Our technical support services quickly restore the operability of your hardware, while minimizing repair expenses. It is well known that achieving optimal performance requires both recovery procedures as well as routine preventive maintenance.

Technical support services

Online consulting on all issues of system operation
Amir Design Groups are here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once you've contacted us, you will get recommendations from experts in various areas of computer systems servicing. Amir Design Groups experts will help you eliminate software problems and diagnose malfunctions, and advise you in replacing hardware components for increased reliability. All customer requests are immediately forwarded to support service engineers. Our engineers will continue working with you until the problem has been localized and solved to your satisfaction.
Assigned group of technical specialists
You will be in constant contact with a group of technical specialists assigned to your account. This provides an integrated approach to solving problems, as opposed to having your problem handed off from person to person with little or no consultation among them.